Thursday, 1 December 2011


University is a place where students to continue learning after high school. To achieve a betterlife, university students should study hard to what the costs are taken.There are several steps tp possess to be successful.

first of all,as a student, we must follow all regulations set by the university. Students must comply with restrictions set by the university.Fulfilled the study period set by the school to come to school in time and returned only when authorized. This will train students to becomedisciplined. When the attitude of discipline was infused into the soul of students, it's now possible for students to discipline themselves in learning. If we see at this time,some students refuse to follow the rules.if we are not follow the rules,we can get action from the authorities.

Next is,earnest desire, you must persevere to achieve your goals even if it takes a long time, even more so if you have a hard time. A person who does not have a serious desire would be better to think of their inability to succeed. If you only doubt your disability only, do you feel that your goals will be achieved? would not fight again because last time you actually had to surrender. When you have set a goal, do it in earnest. Ignore all-key as possible will reduce your spirits and keep moving forward.

Believe that you have the ability to achieve any goal that is important but you should be sure also that you have that ability. Most people assume that ability is a natural gift and it is fixed for a select few. What they do will not change the capabilities already available to them. And this is the point that many choose to give up, but they are mistaken. Ability can be formedin different ways. Only the earnest desire only to be surpassed this level.You should be more focus on something achieved its desired goalsrather than thinking about the weakness and lack on themself. And the last is,always praying and hoping for help from God. This spiritual aspect is just as important as the aspects of the student body and mind. Surrender to the Lord and not give up if it fails. When a failure, work longer by making failures as lessons and guidance for success. Make all of the failure to anchor themselves to find a better success.

As conclusion, student of the University  must do all good things and do not do the bad things to achieve in life.

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